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DotLoop and Sharing Your Information

Dotloop, which is owned by Zillow (WHO IS NOW YOUR COMPETITOR), just announced a new privacy policy effective July 17th. Under the new policy, Dotloop can share information from our transactions with Zillow and other affiliates, for the purpose of giving them market intelligence on an aggregate level.

Relevant excerpt:

"We or these affiliates may use the information we collect for our internal purposes, for example, to understand and gain insight into trends in the real estate market and to improve our home valuation models." Link:

If you don't want your transaction data to feed Zillow, but you love using Dotloop, you can easily opt out of the Affiliate Sharing. As per their privacy policy, simply send an email to like this:


"As per your updated Privacy Policy, I am writing to opt out of Affiliate Sharing. "

If you don't opt out by July 17th, your data from January 2016 forward can be shared.

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